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Social Classes

Upper Class

The social upper class of Pollux are the elite— among them are some of the oldest Polluxian colonial families. Many are the first colonists who assisted NT in their colonization efforts; doctors, scientists, politicians and more. Others just got lucky and won the lottery or turned to crime to acquire their wealth. You’re likely to see these people in a commanding role thanks to their money and influence. The factory manager, the mayor, the chief of police, the research director, even the medical director are all roles someone with a upper class status might embrace. Most upper class citizens do well to stay on NanoTrasen’s good side. As a result, many upper class citizens support NanoTrasen, Pollux, and capitalism, this usually means they seek a loyalist stance if anyone ever attempts to host a revolution. Others would seek to undermine NanoTrasen. Enter the Trust Fund, a group of people each of which wishing to improve their status and position. Some more a bit more empathetic and support more reformist views.


  • Image and status is important to them, they dress well and try to minimalise anything that would be considered scandalous to Castorian culture, this varies however - even upper class people have their non-conformists although they might not be popular.
  • They wear neo-classical dress like neo-victorian inspired suits and fine tailored clothing, tailcoats, cravats darker color suits for men and brightly colored clothing for women is common. It was supposed to be ironic somewhere in 2490 but became real.
  • Reputation extends to families, an individual straying off “traditional values” is considered a shame and won't be talked about. Most tend to view working class people as below them and synthetics as mere tools; this is considered normal but not all of them share this view. Vatborns get treated a bit better as many upper class families have vatborn in their families, but mass produced ones can be treated badly.
  • They tend to have a larger vocabulary than most, leaning more on the formal side - especially if they're from Castor.
  • They usually have tradeband as a known language, especially if they are from Castor or Cascington.
  • They like to eat fine food and drink, only eating cheaper if they really must.
  • They tend to prefer wearing things made out of silk and other high priced materials. They like wearing jewellry made from platinum, gold, phoron and other precious materials.

Usual places of origin:

  • Cascington (Pollux)
  • Castor
  • Space faring vessels in Sol

Recommended Roles:

  • Government roles.
  • Command roles.
  • If Civilian, usually a “Business Owner”, “Socialite” or “Entrepreneur”. Very unlikely to ever be “Homeless”.

Middle Class

The social middle class would encompass individuals of different backgrounds both migrant and national background. They usually take on many trades of importance, like Doctors, Lawyers and Police Officers. They are sometimes found in head roles but as much as the Upper Class. Middle Class Polluxians tend to be educated and in-the-know of Polluxian politics, in a revolution they can either be revolutionists or loyalists. Most are neutral towards NanoTrasen in general, but a few may also lean more towards working class or upper class politics. The middle class of the Pollux is theorized to be dwindling. Most middle class people don't know their general place in politics or may be apathetic due to feeling comfortable with their living condition, many traditionalist politicians may attempt to convert them by stating their taxes and wellbeing are under threat, or they may be poached by reformists who appeal to some middle class struggles in comparison to the rich.

Usual places of origin:

  • Blue Colony
  • Ocral Spax A and B
  • Cascington (Pollux)
  • Space faring vessels
  • Sol

Recommended Roles:

  • Legal roles, judge, prosecutor or defense attorney.
  • Police roles.
  • City Hall Staff
  • If Civilian, can be anything.


  • Middle class people have a very diverse culture, but you usually find that many enjoy intellectual pursuits, technology and the arts.
  • Their education level is decent, so many of them will often be tuned in to most worldly things.
  • They like eating most things - there is no strong preference. They may indulge in high quality things on a special occasion, but they don't ultimately care where they eat.
  • Clothing can be business-like tailored suits, ties and work skirts. Sometimes it leans more informal down to the regular polo. Some can be more ironic and “dress down” if they're into counter culture.
  • Culturally you'll find they have a diverse taste, but try to stray away from too much “urbanized” culture.
  • Sometimes they really get too comfortable with the status quo and wish not to offend or step on anyone's toes, many of them are familiar with both working class and upper class people.

Working Class

The working class are the most common social group on Pollux. They include labourers and people from more modest backgrounds. The education level would range from the standard state compulsory education to very little - this not not reflect on the individual's actual intelligence. They often grew up partaking in labour that was physically or mentally demanding. They tend to be more open minded politically and support reformist or any other progressive views, they often are a bit more sympathetic to people from Sol as many of them recognise their families originating from it, or themselves are direct immigrants from it. Of course there are exceptions, many working class people may still sympathize or believe in traditionalist politics as a form of over-identification or nostalgia.

Usual places of origin:

  • Blue Colony
  • Any Sol area

Recommended Roles:

  • Customer service jobs like Bartender, Chef, etc.
  • Maintenence and Janitorial jobs.
  • Mining and factory jobs.
  • If Civilian, it can be nearly anything but not a “Socialite”, they can be “Homeless” however.


  • Working class people value freedom and anatomy, a lot of them embrace many counter culture elements.
  • Politicially many of them are not involved in politics but it's considered a “controverisal” subject. For the ones who do involve themselves in it, they are often seen as “radical” and have had to make tough decisions on how to deal with it - sacrificing their reputations and jobs if they follow reformism or any revolutionary train of thought.
  • They are less picky on what they wear, but tend to prefer things like jeans, shirts, normal dresses. The suits they wear are not tailored specifically for them and they tend to only wear them for work.
  • Educationally, they would have had less opportunity, so it is common for them to not know about more obscure things that aren't in their job field or social circle.
  • Their vocabulary might be less complex, or if they're an immigrant from Sol they might have an accent or dialect.
  • Sol Common is a frequent language for people who came from Sol, many people do learn this language in schools however as it assists with trade.
  • Working class people tend to be more civil towards Sol immigrants, vatborns, and synths, however some are the complete opposite as they see them as a threat to jobs - seeing them as competitors. Automated labour has been a threat to high paying jobs for hundreds of years.

Economic Class Brackets

Economic class and social class are two separate things. Social class will be the definer of how much money you get in inheritance, and is related to how your character behaves/their upbringing. Economic class is a descriptor based on how much money you have. For example, a socially working class person can be rich, and a socially upper class person can be poor.

These brackets may change based on inflation:

Working Class: 0CR to 9,999CR
Middle Class: 10,000CR to 79,999CR
Upper Class: 80,000CR and above


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