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World Server Rules


RuleRule NameDescription
Rule 1
We like to keep a civil, friendly environment. Do not troll or bully others regardless if it's players or staff. Do not harass, or deliberately attempt to rouse another player. If mods or admins tell you to cut out a certain behaviour towards a player - please comply with this. Don't randomly insult or be passive aggressive to others for no reason - repeat offenders of this will be pulled aside. Personal “beef” should be done outside of the chat.

If you have an issue with a player or a member of staff, please make a player or staff complaint.

Rule 2

Keep IC out of OOC and vise versa. IC in OOC applies to information in the current played round - not previous rounds. If there is an ongoing round do not post OOC information into OOC or discord. Do not post ongoing round info onto reddit while it is running as this can cause people to metagame. OOC in IC is when you use meta information within a roleplay environment (not talking as your character, referring to meta things like “players” and “server”. This is not roleplay, do not do this.
Rule 3
Edgelordism/Hate Speech
Hate speech is not allowed here regarding any protected groups, doesn't mean you don't have free speech, just that this isn't the place for it as it causes too many issues and bullying with people taking it too far. Regardless of your views we recommend you take this elsewhere as this is not welcome in our environment where we keep things friendly. Racism, homophobia, sexism, /pol/esque memes or having swastikas and racist caricature characters (this is an actual thing), etc. are not allowed here. This extends to in-game roleplay, making a black dude named “Tyrone” to roleplay a stereotypical black hoodlum is not allowed here, for example.

Controversial topics should be kept out of OOC, though politics in general can be discussed in our #srs-discussion discord and kept there. Naming your username or character something “hilariously edgy” or roleplaying a nazi or anything silly like that is not permitted also due to IC reasons as well. There's actual servers for this.
Rule 4
Age Rating/Erotic Roleplay
Sadly, we need a rule for this because of the SS13 community in general and the potential incidents that can happen.

Age rating: We're a 16+ server, a minor adult joke is allowed is allowed OOC or IC, but there's a difference between a gaggle and being crude/vulgar. Do not attempt to perform sexual acts with other player's characters.

IC relationships are allowed, but please keep things you wouldn't show on daylight television off the server. It's okay to imply your characters are married or in a relationship, but no borderline/actual intercourse IC or OOC.

Do not sexualize children/teens, both IC or OOC/fictional and real - we are one of the few non-ERP servers that allow you to play younger characters, please don't ruin that. Any attempts to RP pedophilia will be met with a ban, no appeal, no excuses. We log everything but we do advise you to keep logs if you witness this happening and send it directly to an administrator so it can be dealt with swiftly.

Also, don't sexualise your character by describing genitals or sex characteristics in flavourtext, there's no need for that here.
Rule 5
Backseat Moderation
It's okay to guide new members to the rules or help them out with lore - but don't boss anyone about, that's our role you job thief. Use the report button!
Rule 6Disruption (Griefing/
Flooding/Exploiting etc.)
Do not spam, flood or try to impede the functionality of the game, discord chat (including mic spam the voice chats.) People who invite people in on “raids” or DDoS the main game server are instantly banned from the discord, forums, and server.

Do not use hacks or exploits on the forums or the game, do not hack people's accounts. This is not limited to exploiting and cheating the game in any way, especially with character and money exploits. Ban evasion is also under this rule. Ban appeals are not accepted for this kind of offense.

Threatening to do any of these can also land you a ban.
Rule 7DoxxingDo not ask for personal details, or post identifying information of other people without their consent. Do not use this discord for witchhunts against people in their actual lives or anything that could lead to illegal activities on another person.
Rule 8Staff ShoppingDo not message unrelated staff to overturn bans or “get a second opinion” on a decision that happens on server. If you believe a staff member's decision is at fault, make a staff complaint or ban appeal on the forums. Do not post complaints or ban appeals elsewhere, it does not work in your favour.
Rule 9MetagamingMetagaming is using knowledge that is not accessible to your character in-game. This includes knowing what has happened in past lives (non-canon rounds), things your other characters have learned that yours does not, and things you see as a ghost. Examples of metagaming behaviour is knowing if someone is an antagonist OOC'ly and acting on it, or respawning as a new character to find or report your old body. If someone breaks the IC in OOC rule, please do not use that information and continue to play as if you did not see it. This can also be used to refer to players who arm themselves up or fortify areas to prepare for an antag thread if they have no IC reason to do so.

Metagrudging refers to targetting players OOC'ly through IC means, usually by gruding their characters or being hostile IC'ly for no reason because of OOC reasons. This is also against the rules.
Rule 10Griefing/Self Antagging (Updated)Griefing, playing to delibrately ruin gameplay for others is a ban. Self-antagging is defined by assigning yourself an antagonist role that you are not prescribed officially in game. For balance reasons we can not allow people to make themselves antagonists due to the round becoming too chaotic or unbalanced for non-antags.

Types of self-antagonism not allowed:
- Spilling welder fuel, making bombs and damaging large areas with fire.
- Releasing viruses on purpose.
- Harming, murderboning or killing people wordlessly, or for no (or petty) reason (outside of RP reasons or self-defense.)
- Arming yourself at cargo or the armory as non-police for the sole purpose of obtaining guns for the sake of just having guns.
- Committing a lot of crimes in one shift that causes a lot of chaos in one round.
- Running people over with cars repeatedly, constant car assaults can be annoying to players. If it's an accident, just send a quick ahelp letting us know it was an accident.
- Breaking into high access places like the mayor's quarters, police station or CentComm areas.

Types of minor self-antagonism allowed:
- Petty arguments, disagreements and minor fights allowed - it is strongly advised you keep this non-lethal as delibrately going out of your way to kill people because you can. However don't go out of your way to make constantly fights with random people just so you can do this. Realistically, people don't intentionally kill on purpose. If there is good escalation and build up on why your character might kill, admins may allow this. Please consult an admin before doing this unless it's self defense (with self-defense try to disable your opponent rather than try to kill as a first option.)
- Theft is allowed as an IC crime. But please, no heists every round for no reason.
- Drug dealing is allowed as a non-antagonist as an IC crime. Some drug item ingredients may only be available to antagonists however. This is not an excuse to start killing people.
- Fraud, embezzlement, and contraband are IC crimes, but so are characters reactions to your character performing this.
- Breaking into minor access areas (don't overdo this.)

If you wish to help liven up a round and have a good roleplay idea, adminhelp with your roleplay idea and what you wish to do and admins may make you an antag - this is not a guarantee or a right as any mod has a right to decline this (and does not need to give an explaination on why, due to potentially spoiling the IC/OOC barrier.)
Rule 11Breaking roleplay/Realistic CharactersCharacters are expected to be believeable and realistic. Our roleplay standards specify that humans must have a first name and last name which isn't a reference to a real life person, fictional character or player and is realistic for a person to have. The name must also not a stereotype of the ethnic race you are playing. If an admin asks you to change your character's name, you must change it and ensure you do not play with it again.

Do not roleplay psychopaths for the sole purpose of “acting crazy” and griefing people as much as possible. If you want to roleplay a good mentally ill character, please do not use this trope. Seek admin advice for more details.

Our roleplay is not anime based and genetic modification of hair and eyes does not exist in lore currently. Do not base character personalities and appearances from anime - characters naturally will have black, brown, blonde, red, ginger or grey/white hair - all natural colors for humans. Any other colors your character has for hair is canonically dyed. Unnatural eye colors are assumed to be contact lenses.
Rule 12Non-ComplianceBeing aggressive to staff during an adminhelp, or logging off during ahelps can make any rule punishments brought you more severe or escalated into a permaban. If you have DC'ed accidentally and gotten banned as a result, please notify a member of staff via pager or forums.
Rule 13Powergaming and ValidhuntingDon't play to win, this is a roleplay server. Exploiting bugs in-game or completely ignoring roleplay to gain advantage other others imbalances the game and errodes roleplay. Do not validhunt, antags do not exist OOC'ly to “be secured”, nor should antags be looking to secure validhunts on police or civilians. Remember there is another player behind the screen who wishes to enjoy the game as much as you do - don't take them out of the game with minimal roleplay/fun just of the sake of winning.
Rule 14AFK (Away from keyboard) players, and force-cryo Do not loot or kill AFK players unless given permission by an admin. There's exceptions of when you can loot an AFK player without admin permission, IE: A police officer who is searching a suspect who DC'ed mid-processing or an antagonist who is pining for an important item on someone's person. Always adminhelp if you're not sure.

You are encouraged to bring SSD characters to cryo, but please do not abuse the cryo mechanics to take people out of round.
Rule 15Suicide, ghosting, and self harmBy default, suicides and hitting/harming/killing yourself are discouraged. Suicide is mostly discouraged due to causing high corpse counts and taking job slots. In some cases it may be allowed if there is good IC reason, however contact a mod first. This also applies to ghosting.
Rule 16ImpersonationDo not delibrately impersonate anyone or their characters - usually the game won't let you join with the existing character already spawned but do not try to bypass this in any way. Do not fake logs of other players or staff.


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