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Roleplay Standards

Our roleplay setting requires the following. A lot of this can be taken as roleplay advice in general.

Character Naming Humans are required to have a full name if they are human. This name must be realistic and believeable. No “classified” or unknown names, no celebrity or controversial names or names based on fictional existing characters, no secret agent names. FBPs can have either robotic or human names depending on origin. Cyborgs are exempt from having a full name, however if they do have a full name it must not be a human's name. Please do not name your character anything that breaks any existing rules.
Character Design Characters must be believeable and realistic, avoid “cutesy” or “edgy” characters. Don't mind them overly annoying or there simply to troll, add a bit of depth to them. Please have a look at how to make an interesting character that's realistic and likeable without going into snowflake tropes. Your character should have skills and experience that is relevant to their age, their personality should be realistic for their age and background as well.
Spelling and Grammar Making sure your sentences are grammatically correct and watching your spelling is required to roleplay here. It's okay if you have dyslexia or stuggle with English, but please try your best to keep this to an acceptable standard. Use punctuation (like capitalising the beginning of sentences, or the first letter of a noun like a person or a place), and watch for typographic errors. A spell checker like this one can be used.
Self Inserts Self Inserts are not accepted in World Server roleplay. People are expected to play a character that is separate from their own self and form a healthy deattachment from their character. Please look at "Spotting a Self-Insert" to see if your character is one. If you want to look into how to make a character that is not a self-insert, take a look at this guide.
IC and OOC Separation The World Server focuses on political and interpersonal character conflict, being able to separate IC and OOC is a must to play on this server. Characters may make friends, break friendships, frame each other, betray each other, and sometimes even steal or kill (do report this if it was in breach of the rules, however). We try to provide IC tools to allow a fair fight between parties. Don't pursue metagrudges IC through OOC feelings, regardless of how you feel about the player - you must see them as separate entities. Don't use self-inserts to hate on other people's characters because you don't like them as this is a breach of the rules. Everything's IC, be chill.
Sportsmanship Sportsmanship is highly important to maintaining good game on the World Server. If you are an actual antagonist or a social antagonist - don't join the game simply to kill, it takes people out of the round. Killing characters should have a decent build up of RP that involves a storyline between the two characters and not wordlessly (or just one or two lines or dialogue with no involvement beforehand).

If you are someone who has been killed IC'ly by someone who did follow sportsmanship standards, don't be salty, don't go into LOOC deadchat to insult them, take a breather and remind yourself it's all roleplay and we're just there to have fun. The respawn timer is only five minutes, and an admin can reset it for you (by their own discretion if you don't metagame). Your characters deaths are not canon without your own permission.
Canon Extended (canon) rounds are always canon. Deaths won't be canon unless the player of the character deems it so, so please don't refer to their characters dying on future rounds without their consent - it's fine to mention they were injured however if it was crucial to a plot. Medical and police records of you are canon, media is canon, and so is money and character appearance. Be mindful of canon and make sure that any changes or anything you do with other players isn't griefy or LRP. You can discuss canon changes together in LOOC.
Chain of Command Things relating to chain of command is IC. You can be demoted or sued for insubordination or abuse relating to your role. If these IC actions happen on a canon round, the consequences can be permanent and admins won't step in on that.
Self-Defense and Escalation Self defense involves attacking someone who is attacking you, only to the extent that it will allow you to flee the situation or escape unharmed, or to defend someone who is getting hurt. Murdering should to avoided (unless there is a decent RP buildup: See Sportsmanship Rules) if possible. Escalation should be related to how your characters have been interacting - it is not realistic for someone to kill someone for pushing in the queue or stealing something.

But it is realistic for someone to kill someone who has been blackmailing you for a long time and has threatened to kill you. Think about how a real person would react, don't revert to SS13 toolbox-makes-horizontal thinking, this is a roleplay server. Antagonists have more leniency when it comes to killing but non-antagonists must have a decent level of quality roleplay and a genuine reason to kill, not just finding exuses to do so. There's many ways to make conflict that doesn't involve killing.
Fairplay to Civilians as Antagonist Antagonists often have two bad habits: A habit of secluding themselves with police or the city council and keeping it retained in a small box that doesn't involve civilians, or going full out without any roleplay and taking lots of people out of the round without any fun interaction. As an antagonist you are the main driving force of the round and probably the only thing that makes a non-canonical round “worth it”. Try to make it entertaining for many people as possible without murderboning. Thinking about how your character works, why they're a villain today, and what would make interesting conflict is the best way to go. You don't need to go full psycho and kill everything in sight - just try doing something interesting that a non-antagonist might not be able to do, make a bit of intrigue, drama and a dash of chaos.
Fairplay to Antagonists as Civilians It is a police officer's job to catch criminals, however that does not excuse validhunting. Try to act how a police officer would act in real life. You catch some people in hoodies and matching getup - don't go “Oh this is clearly a thugs and corrupts round, therefore if I arrest them and find their contraband they are valid for prison.” as that is not fun for the round. An officer would probably keep an eye on them, or ask them not to conceal their faces. Natural roleplay allows people to act normally, and makes antagonist rounds grow more organically so tension can grow better. It's not always about winning. If an antagonist has gone out of their way to try be open and include others, it's better to reward this with more roleplay and not try to end the round as soon as you spot the valid while keeping it realistic. As a civilian, you are advised not to go vigilante justice as soon as you see something suspicious OOCly, see it from an IC perspective and take it easy and remember that there's a player behind that antag and they're not just a mob there to validhunt. Make roleplay interesting for the antagonist as well.


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