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Pollux is an Earth-like world in the Vetra System. It is currently under the control of NanoTrasen and is the first extrasolar planet colonized by Humans. The planet was chosen due to its similarities to Earth and active biosphere. The planet is home to various extraterrestrial creatures and is one of two planets known to humanity to have fostered life as we know it. Pollux has a breathable atmosphere that is safe for humans, but could cause minor long-term health issues for some. The planet is dominated by harsh environments that require human intervention to be habitable. The north and south poles, in particular, are completely uninhabitable without the use of habitation technologies.


Ever since the colonization of various planets by NanoTrasen, NanoTrasen has always sought to increase the productivity of their colonies and planets. Their monopoly has increased due to the ‘The Information Protection Act’ instituted by Anti-NanoTrasen Sol Politicians. While this act was meant to prevent NanoTrasen from crippling competition, it only bolstered them due to their discovery of ”Bluespace Technology” which allowed them to travel past Andromeda and colonize planets which were previously impossible to reach due to transportation limits.

Now with NanoTrasen being the only leader in Bluespace, their reach seemed limitless. Profit boomed with NanoTrasen’s control of the planet, but NanoTrasen recognizes the planet hasn’t reached peak capacity yet.


Terraformation. Not only for increased expansion for the populace, but the altering of a planet would bring greater opportunity. Minerals would become easier to access. Earthly animals and livestock could be transported to Pollux, while increased luxury and beauty which would drive tourists, the richer folk, and investors to scramble to the nearest NanoTrasen ferry for their new experience, or life in the great new world.

Invasive Species

Of course, not everything goes smoothly. Pollux and its cities are almost constantly under attack by growing numbers of invasive species, which were brought along by migration, and the Blue Moon Cartel - whom would actively traffick invasive species such as Space Carp to Pollux. Infestations often occur when the Blue Moon Cartel end up losing transports of their invasive life, and allow them to roam the natural areas of Pollux.

Because of the Carp infestations, some Terraforming operations such as Animal herding and planting would be hindered by the Carp, as they would destroy plant life and attack herds of animals as well as NanoTrasen employees on-site. Only recently had the Carp population grown enough to begin spreading out for more resources, often appearing in Cities and populated areas, such as Geminus. Although Pollux authorities attempt to keep the Carp situations under control, Carp attacks have proven to be rather frequent.

Goldilocks Zone

For those who are not acquainted with the Goldilocks Zone - It is the planet mapping technique which determines how hot or cold a planet is by their distance from the closest star. Most habitable planets reside in the ‘Perfect’ spot within the Goldilocks Zone. A planet which serves as the best pedestal for being in the perfect spot within the zone would be Earth. The planet is not too cold or too hot. It is just the right distance from the sun.

Pollux resides in the outskirts of its own respective star’s Goldilocks Zone. It has the correct temperatures to sustain life, however it barely meets the requirements. It is rather cold, and hazardous blizzards are not uncommon. While most colonies would accept this, NanoTrasen has different plans.

Temperature Terraformation

A planet which is too cold is not profitable, NanoTrasen concludes. The cold is one of the major reasons which drive NanoTrasen’s desires to terraform Pollux.

Pollution is a rather controversial matter to many, however many NT officials believe that embracing pollution to increase greenhouse gasses within the planet will prove to increase temperatures if regulated and done correctly.

Although NanoTrasen is not very open about the ways they go about it, one can easily assume that emitting large amounts of pollution through industry is one of their main approaches to the goal of increasing the overall temperature on the planet.


“Home, sweet home.”
System Vetra
Star Vetra
Colonization Date 2484
Government NanoTrasen
Physical Characteristics
Mean Radius 6,134 km (0.96 R⊕)
Circumference 38,541.06 km
Surface Area 472,821,707.82 km²
Mass 5.375e+24 kg (0.9 M⊕)
Density 5.56 g/cm³
Albedo 0.302
Surface Gravity 9.52 m/s² (0.97 g)
Rotation Period 23 hours 30 minutes 0.72 seconds
Escape Velocity 10.81 km/s (38,916 km/h)
% Earth 93%
Surface Pressure 101.3 kPa
Avg Temperature 3.85º C
Composition by Volume 72.97% Nitrogen
25.97% Oxygen
0.02% Argon
0.75% Carbon Dioxide
0.28% Methane
Orbital Characteristics
Orbital Distance 1.52 AU
Axial Tilt 13.3º
Eccentricity 0.06
Angle of Periapsis 150.8º
Synchronous Orbital Altitude 34,084 km
Satellites Castor
Colonial Command Information
Atmosphere Rating 0.5 (SAFE)
Gravity Rating 1 (EXCELLENT)
Climate Rating 0.8 (SATISFACTORY)
Day Length Rating 1 (EXCELLENT)
Biosphere Rating 0.7 (SATISFACTORY)
Resource Rating 0.8 (SATISFACTORY)
Habitability Rating 0.9 (EXCELLENT)
Usefulness Rating 0.87 (EXCELLENT)
Overall Rating 0.92 (EXCELLENT)


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