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City Council

Generic captain.png
You run this city and oversee the city council. This also means you drink a lot.Very Hard
Generic hop.png
City Clerk
You remain in city hall to help with ID issues, enquiries, and things relating to bank accounts. Otherwise you're just fetching the Mayor's whiskey.Medium
Generic hos.png
Chief of Police
Your job is to keep Police Officers in line, and the Warden, and the Detectives. Together you keep the city folk from killing each other.Very Hard
Generic ce.png
Fire Chief
You order your crew to put non-existent fires out, and help repair the city if it gets busted.Hard
Generic cmo.png
Chief Medical Officer
Cry as the public healthcare sector falls into debt for the 50th time due to people running out on their medical fees.Medium
Generic rd.png
Research Director
The Research Director in charge of the many variety of Scientists of the city. Your job is to direct research into new things. And you have a group of Scientists to help you do that.Hard
Generic secretary.png
You lay down the law in this joint. Conduct trials, sentence people to death, be the ultimate god.Very Hard

Civilian and Public Sector

Generic janitor.png
Sanitation Technician
As the Janitor, your job is simple. Keep the city clean and tidy, and do all the dull maintenance work that the engineers are too busy to look at. This is a fairly relaxing and unimportant role, and very useful for new players to get comfortable with the game mechanics and roleplaying.Easy
Generic bartender.png
You are the main source of liver poisoning, and it's totally legalEasy
Generic chef.png
You cook and serve food, without you everyone would be fatter from vending machine food.Easy
Generic botanist.png
Grow the food that feeds the city. Give your food to no one because the chef got arrested.Easy
Generic librarian.png
You harrass and stalk celebrities, and make a good amount of dosh doing it.Easy
Generic chaplain.png
Also known as the Counselor, the Chaplain's role is to provide psychological support to the crew who need it. Besides your office, you have no access. Chaplain is a very social role, but relies on the chaplain themselves to do most of the work.Easy
Generic lawyer.png
Defense Attorney
Prove that your client didn't do it, even though they probably did. Maybe get paid?Hard
Generic assistant.png
Basically tax fodder, you're either an employed person off-duty or on holiday, or simply unemployed.Very Easy

Public Healthcare

Generic chemist.png
As a Chemist, your job is to mix chemicals for the others to use. Your work will be needed mostly by Medical Doctors. You make and sell useful chems, prescriptions medicine for patients, and drugs. Medium
Generic doctor.png
You are a Doctor, treat the wounded and send them back to work. You treat people's wounds after the local gangster has finished shanking them.Medium
Generic psychologist.png
As the Station Psychologist, you are tasked with identifying (and solving) personal and mental issues in the city. This is a job that you may or may not be able to accomplish successfully. If need be, you have the power to deem someone mentally unstable and, with the approval of the Chief Medical Officer, strip them of any authority they might've had. Ultimately, you are responsible for the mental health and well being of the crew.Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Generic warden.png
Prison Warden
A Prison Warden has access to the armory and is responsible for handing out equipment. They have control over the police station quarters and the Prison Wing. Keep the jailhouse residents in line and pass out weapons to the beat cops. Hard
Generic security.png
Police Officer
Your role is to uphold the laws given by the President. Essentially, keep criminals in line and retain the law and order. Try not to break too many ribs. Hard
Generic detective.png
The Detective's job is to investigate the remains of any crime, identify the perpetrator, and then ask Police to arrest them for you. They have no brig access because they are supposed to be an evidence collector and investigator, not a Police Officer or Warden. Attempt not to botch evidence for trials and investigations. Medium
Generic ia.png
Prosecuting Attorney
Take all the jaywalkers to court and demand the death sentence. Try to make the cops charges stick. Medium

Science and Research

Generic scientist.png
The Scientist is one of the most feared and fun [citation needed] jobs on station. Being a scientist means you can make and test a large number of tools and gadgets through research, construct highly explosive bombs, or study dangerous alien life forms.Medium
Generic roboticist.png
Primarily, the Roboticist's job is to create and maintain various kinds of robots, from simple bots such as Securitrons and Medibots, to more sophisticated synthetic shells, to cybernetic prosthetics, and even large piloted exosuits.Medium
Generic xenoarch.png
The Xenoarchaeologist's role is to carefully unearth potentially priceless alien artifacts from the depths.Medium
Generic xenobio.png
The Xenobiologist grows, feeds, and culls Slimes, for their useful products to the station.Medium
Generic xenobotanist.png
The Xenobotanist grows and modifies exotic species of plantlife.Medium

Emergency And Maintenance

Generic engineer.png
Fight fires if they ever happen. Be the workhorse of City Council. Be assigned to random jobs.
Generic paramedic.png
Be the kinda doctor that the people of Geminus need, where they need them. Get butchered people to the hospital mostly alive


Generic cargo.png
Factory Worker
Run deliveries around, sometimes actually make something, complain about everyone that places an order.
Generic miner.png
Get and smelt the minerals to make the factory actually function.


AI.gifAI holo.gif
The AI has control of the entire station, but must follow their Laws.Very Hard
Generic borg.gif
You, just like your AI, are bound to a set of Laws, and must protect and serve the crew. The three types of Bound Synthetics include Cyborgs, Positronics, and Drones.Hard
Generic drone.gif
Maintenance Drone
A specific class of Drone. This one is optimized for maintenance, repairs, and other engineeirng-related tasks. These units are very versatile, but are unable to talk to other non-Maintenance Drones, and they have their own Laws.Easy
Personal AI
A portable Drone Artificial Intelligence, who typically has a specific master. pAIs lack a lot of capability to influence the outside world, but are able to talk and can be someone's best pal on the station.Very Easy


Make Pollux Great Again Lead this country to great things. Obey your corporate overlords. Plan re-election.

Get sent in to save the city when the apocalypse is happening. Then get sent in because a hobo did drugs.


NanoTrasen Employee Represent the company on this podink colony. Flex your fancy ID. Get assassinated by anti-corporate homeless people.


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