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Introduction to Lore

Welcome to World Server lore, this is a quick refresher guide to get you into World Server lore quickly.

Game Setting

Planet set on: Pollux
Planet's Moons: Castor
Local Sun/Starsystem set in: Vetra
City game takes place in: Geminus City

Basic Premise

Company that “owns” Pollux: NanoTrasen
Who owns Sol: United Sol Government
Why Pollux and Sol aren't best of friends: Bluespace Technology
Why Sol can't nab NT's inventions: Information Protection Act

This game takes place in Geminus City, you are a citizen of this colony millions of people. Geminus City is owned by a technology and plasma research corporation named NanoTrasen which began on Sol, Earth and grew to become so powerful that it manages to gain a monopoly in many markets beyond its original field. However, due to political fights on Sol to make NanoTrasen less prominent, and the struggle and rise of it's competitors, NanoTrasen directors realised their status and power were being threatened and Sol noticed how many NanoTrasen representatives were becoming Sol politicians. Government in-fighting ensued.

Anti-NT Sol politicians wished to help many other corporations flourish without NT's monopoly controlling them - one of the acts made to prevent NT from absorbing all the trade secrets and inventions from individuals and businesses alike. This was called the The Information Protection Act which allowed any person from keeping technology inventions secret from the public and the government.

This changed with the invention of Bluespace Technology which was quickly made a trade secret by NanoTrasen. Bluespace Technology allowed NT to travel outside of Sol and Andromeda, and thus colonize planets they were not able to colonize due to limitations on existing teleportation and high speed travel. These colonies NT colonized were highly profitable, full of rich minerals and resources that were also dwindling on Sol. NanoTrasen made a deal with Pro-Sol politicians to allow immigration and trade, on the condition that the Information Protection Act is not repealed. Many Sol citizens immigrate to Polluxian several years later and become naturalized citizens, however the original colonizer families of Pollux have an economic and social advantage over Sol citizens.

However many anti-NT Sol politicians are not happy with this and fight to have this act repealed. There are also “incidents” of infiltraitors coming in as immigrants to steal Bluespace Technology to assassinate NT representatives, our story continues from there.


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