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Guide To Politics

So, how does this whole politics thing work?

Politicians come in many forms, they can be as low as Civilians who are activists, City Council members with a cause, or as high as a President leading a colony. Political views are varied and they are completely IC and usually based on your character's background and economic class. There are distinct schools of thought that would be considered “Traditionalist” and “Reformist” might have familiar tones to real life politics but don't necessarily represent 21st century politics and are more geared towards the year the game takes place in. A character can have a multitude of different political beliefs that belong to one or the other.

These tables would show what the “core” beliefs of each group would usually be, upper class citizens usually lean on the traditionalist side whereas reformists are usually working class. Exceptions and people in-between exist.

Traditionalist Reformist
Are more supportive of Nanotrasen as a corporation and believes NT ownership of the colony is the most stable.Are more skeptical towards Nanotrasen as a corporation and their ownership over the colony.
Supports the interests of wealthier citizens.Supports the interests of the working class.
Believes synths to be non-sentient and believes they are a vital to the colony's financial stability.Believes synths to be sentient and advocates for their liberation.
Believes Sol and Andromedian immigration should be controlled or monitored, and the only purpose of their immigration is to contribute to the colony.Believes Sol and Andromedian immigrants should have free travel to the colony and should be given the same rights and autonomy as Vetra born nationals.

Election Periods

Registration Period: 10th to 16th

Registration starts, candidates have six days to register on the Candidate Registration program. This program is found on library computers and also can be downloaded on any modular computer.

Campaigning Period: 17th to 21st

The registration period comes to a close, candidates are expected to promote themselves more heavily and attempt to become well known with the populace during this time. This is the optimal time to intergrate with the political scene and begin to recruit for potential cabinet/party members.

Voting Period: 21st to 27th

Voting begins, each candidate is listed on the ballot box in City Hall. Each player can vote for one president per ckey.

Election Day: 28th

Voting ends. The new president is globally announced.


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