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Guide to Mining

For a job that is primarily out in space, mining is a relatively safe, even boring, occupation. Still, the entire station is depending on you to bring back those all-important phoron and minerals. Just follow a few guidelines here to keep yourself from becoming lost in the mines.

Digging Holes For Dummies

You're here to mine, so get digging! Once you're full to bursting with ores, drag your ore box back to the station and head to cargo where the ore redemption machine sits. Insert your ID, and empty the box next to the machine to offload your ores and have them instantly processed into sheets. You gain points for doing this, so be sure to claim them and then retrieve your ID. Now take your crate and it's back to the mines!

How to Do This

  1. Gear up! From the mining equipment locker, you will need Material Scanner goggles, a Mining Scanner, and a Pickaxe. If you want, there is also an additional mining satchel, and a shovel.
  2. Take and wear a mining hardsuit/voidsuit, breath mask, and oxygen tank from Mining EVA. On the western side of the base, there is a mini-Medbay from which you can borrow supplies. There is also a maintenance room adjacent to it where you can top off internals.
  3. Before you go, you'll want an Ore Box - It can hold an infinite amount of minerals. Empty your Mining Satchel into it periodically and drag it about.
  4. Find dem minerals. Use the scanner to be able to see valuable minerals. Try to get a mixture of:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Uranium
  • Phoron
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

Sand can be dug up with a shovel or drill.

  1. Go to cargo and get points for the phoron and diamonds, deliver some materials to R&D (10-15 sheets each material except iron) and everything else to Robotics. Ask R&D for a diamond mining drill if they have diamonds.
  2. Repeat until bored or shuttle arrives. You are now officially a miner who can be useful and make yourself stronger.

The Gear

The following is a list of default mining equipment:

  • Coat mining.png Winter Coat

- Protects from the cold in Sifs mountains. Wearing the hood is recommended, wearing the boots is optional. It has pockets ideal for your GPS device.

  • GPS mining.png GPS Device

- Will tell you where you are, in what directions other Signals are, how far they are away and makes it possible for others to find you should you need rescue. Turn it on.

  • MatGlasses.png Material Scanner Goggles

- Lets you see where the ore is through the rock.

  • Ore scanner.png Ore Detector

- Used for finding out what types of ore are nearby, so you can decide where best to set up the drill. Make sure you hold still while scanning, or you won't get any output. It scans the ground below you, not the walls around you.

  • Ore satchel.png Ore Satchel

- For carrying ore without using a mining cart, holds 50 ore nuggets. Get at least one of these, put it in your pocket and enjoy that you no longer need to pick up the ores yourself when walking over the spilled nuggets. Use in conjunction with an ore crate. Now transfers its contends fully automatic into a ore crate next to you when picking things up.

  • OreCrate.png Ore box

- Used for carrying huge amounts of ore. While a satchel can only hold 50 nuggets, this can hold an unlimited sum. Use your satchel on the box to empty it into the box, place the box in the unloading machine's input slot to unload it. You cannot carry it but you can drag or push it with you.

  • Crowbar.png Crowbar

- Just in case when coming back from the mines there is a blackout. Make sure to grab one from tool storage or a toolbox. Notice: No longer spawns in your backpack.

  • Lantern.png Lantern

- For seeing in the dark. Put one in your pocket.

  • Mining drill.png Mining Drill

- For tunneling through everything. Place this on your belt, it saves room. This drill can be used to pick through rock and dig up sand, so you can use this instead of a pickaxe or shovel. Research can, produce better variants.

The more uncommon alternatives:

  • Rig mining.png Mining Voidsuit

- Used so you don't freeze to death in the airless tunnels of the resource-rich planetoid. You use it more as a insulated (the temperature kind) amour then a spacesuit.

  • MedicalMask.png Breath Mask and Oxygen Tank

- So you can have oxygen when mining. Oxygen tanks are available from the tank storage unit, and they can be worn on hardsuit's storage slot. You can also use your emergency oxygen tank which can be placed on your suit. Running out of oxygen is unlikely with the full sized tank. That the air is to thin to breath inside the mines is a rare case your emergency-kit would protect you from otherwise.

  • Pickaxe.png Pickaxe

- The alternative to the drill, unlikely to be seen when not specifically asking for them from Research or finding them somewhere in the mines themself. It comes, like the drill, in different strengths.

  • Shovel.png Shovel

- For gathering sand and shoveling snow.

Equipment from the mining vendor:

  • 32x32.png Item-Name - Description. Since the minding vendor it not finalized yet, more will follow once it is in.

The Ores & Materials

UnminedRaw OreCompressedSmeltedCoinDoorPoint ValueNameUses
Hematite unmined.pngIronore.pngN/AIronCoinDoor1HematiteA most useful materials for alloys, but of little worth on its own.
Silver unmined.pngSilverore.pngN/ASilverdone.png
Coin silver.pngDoor silver.gif20Native SilverUsed in high quality technologie, like Mechs and Bluespace-based Machinery.
Gold unmined.pngGoldore.pngN/AGolddone.png
Coin gold.pngDoor gold.gif20Native GoldUsed in many electronic devices.
Platinum unmined.pngPlatinumore.pngOsmiumPlatinumCoinDoor20PlatinumA most useful material used for multiple alloys, high-tech devices and exportable for supply-points.
Lead unmined.pngLeadore.pngN/ALeaddone.png
CoinDoor40LeadFor making radiation-resistant technology. Do not consume.
Uranium unmined.pngUraniumore.pngN/AUraniumdone.png
CoinDoor20PitchblendHighly radioactive when made into stuff. Thanks to NT processing techniqes, the sheets are safe to handle.
Carbon unmined.pngCarbonore.pngN/APlastic.png
N/AN/A5CarbonMainly used for alloying, but has legitimate use as Plastic on its own.
Marble unmined.pngMarbleore.pngMarbledone.png
N/AN/AN/A20Recrystallized CarbonateHard and pretty, it is mainly used in tables and counters.

N/ADoor sand.gif1SandFor making glass, which has a plethora of station applications.
Diamond unmined.pngDiamondore.pngDiamonddone.png
N/ACoin diamond.pngDoor diamond.gif40DiamondsFor making mech-parts, among other industrial uses.
Phoron unmined.pngPhoronore.pngPhoron.png
N/ACoin phoron.pngDoor phoron.gif40Phoron CrystalsUsed for Research and in Chemistry. Ship sheets back to CentComm for bonus supply points.
Verdantium unmined.pngVerdantiumore.pngVerdantiumdone.png
N/AN/AN/A60VerdantiteFor making advanced power manipulation devices, or cool glowsticks. (Can not make glowsticks)
N/AHydrogenOre.pngMetallic HydrogenN/AN/AN/A?HydrogenCan only be drilled from the ground and is mainly used in the Research-Department.
Raw OresProductNameUses
Ironore.png Carbonore.pngMetal.pngSteelFor use in a wide variety of tasks around the station, ranging from construction to research.
Ironore.png Carbonore.png Platinumore.pngMetal r.pngPlasteelTougher and more robust than steel. Used in reinforced constructions and mech parts.
Ironore.png Carbonore.png Platinumore.png Diamondore.pngXDurasteelIncredibly durable and stronger than plasteel. Used to protect the AI core. Extremely reflective; durasteel walls will reflect lasers.

Improperly smelting or compressing material can result in Slag, which lacks any practical uses.

Who Needs What

Miners don't have to deliver ores directly to departments – they can if they want, or if those bastards are too lazy to leave their fortress of science – but it never hurts to know what to aim for.

  • Scientists just want a little (10-15 of each is commonly enough to last them the entire round) uranium, phoron, diamond, gold, silver, plastic, metallic hydrogen, and osmium. In exchange, they may give you more advanced mining for even faster digging!
  • Roboticists need the same materials as Scientists above, but for building mech parts. Give them enough and you've indirectly helped out most of the departments on the station if the Roboticists are competent enough to build helpful stompy mechs for everybody! Too bad the Ripley is the only good mech for mining.
  • The Quartermaster may want phoron sheets to trade them in for bonus supply points.
  • Station Engineers and Roboticists could always use more steel, glass, plastic and plasteel for repairs and construction, especially if something has gone horribly wrong. Engineers may especially enjoy the rare Durasteel.


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