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Guide to Canon

World Server has two round types: Canon and Non-Canon.

The only types of rounds that are canon are extended rounds, and faction rounds. During these rounds your character appearance, money, and sector fund bank accounts will be saved. To check the current status of a canon round, check the status tab of the game window. Both have antagonists but the only difference between them is that at the end of the round only canon rounds save their changes. On canon rounds everythng you do is remembered by other characters. On non-canon rounds, it is a one-off round with no sense of continuity to the next round, just like a normal SS13 round. Characters are saved at round end or when they cryo. If the round crashes or is terminated before this happens, you will lose data. Inform an admin if this happens.

The following tidbits only refer to canon rounds:

Character Death Character death is not canon unless the player/owner of the character specifically allows it. If a character dies during a canon round, please enquire with the player if this is a canonical change before including it in any further RP. You may imply a character is injured instead of dead if it's crucial to a plot or crime.
Decanonizing Death De-canonizing your character's death is entirely possible and up to the character owner's discretion, but under a few conditions; If your character was successfully murdered, you won't be able to remember who your murderer is. All memories leading up to the murder will be forgotten and you will be OOCly expected not to pursue that person to “get back at them” (exception being that this was something your character was doing prior to their murder).

You can decide how your character was brought back to life, it could be cloning, their body could have been discovered after round end and revived - just make it plausible. On the next round that you play, your character should spawn with signs of injury - we recommend spawning with a wheelchair or crutch, both of these are available from loadout. If you are cloned, you can add the cloning sickness trait to your character. In terms of murder, a decanonized death would be changed to an attempted murder instead of murder if the police found out about it but the character was “brought back to life” so to speak.
Politician DeathIf you play as an official politician role such as President, Vice President, Governor, SolGov Rep, or Nanotrasen Representative, you revoke your ability to decanonize your death - if you wish to make your character immune to such, reconsider these roles. If it was due to grief, this is an exception that an admin may waiver to let the player decide. Once your character is dead in these roles - especially due to assassination, you cannot play them again.

This applies to the person killing the politician also, if the assassin gets killed during their attempt - they too must canonize their death.
Money Persistence Your money is saved along with your character, this is visible from the character's creation panel. This cannot be edited in the panel. Before the round end make sure your money is deposited in the ATM or you will lose it. Transaction logs are wiped at round end.
Character Appearance Once you have set your character's appearance, you cannot change it again. The only editable things once a character has been saved is your character's nickname, spawn locations, traits, loadout and undergarments. Things like facial makeup and hairstyles, even skin tone persists. Genetic mods do not persist at this time however, but this may change.
Character RecordsYour character's medical and employment records are permanent. The most notable kind of record that is also permanent is criminal records - if your character is prosecuted for a crime this severely limits what kind of jobs they can do.
Character InventoryCurrently, items on your character's person does not save, but we intend to change this in the future. However we recommend using an Inv-Tri (inventory box) to store your custom clothing.
Non-Persistent ItemsCertain items in the game are not persistent. These usually include items from players job outfits or loadout, communicators and IDs, and things that have theft protection from the public areas of the map, IE: The hospital, to prevent inflation or lack of balance in the economy. You can tell when an item is not persistent because it shows the message, “You have a feeling this item is important or belongs to someone…” when you examine it. Inv-Tris (inventory boxes), bounty machines, and display cases will not accept these items, and these items will not save in lots. Always check the persistence status of an item before buying to avoid scams.
Persistent ItemsMost items in the game will save in lots and inventory boxes but only in persistent/private areas. For now, we recommend buying an inv-tri account from the many inv-tri boxes in the game - once you buy one you start off with a storage of 60 items to storage compatible items that stay persistent between rounds. Additionally you can store things in lots, but we advise doing this in your own lot because lot owners have authority of the items stored in their own lots. If there is an item that isn't saving properly as it should, please report it here.
Persistent AreasIn the game there are persistent areas (lots) and non-persistent areas that are public. Non-persistent areas will regenerate every round anew, but lots will not. You can buy a lot for business by using a computer and accessing the Landlord Management Utility to buy one (also accessible from your communicator). It is against game rules to loot or break into lots while the owner is away at this time. A non-canon round will still load persistent map data but will not save it, bombs and map descruction is more acceptable, whereas on canon rounds this can be considered grief in most cases.

The only things that are persistent in non-persistent areas are noticeboards, sticky notes, adhesive posters, and sometimes dirt and blood. Cleanable items will disappear naturally after a couple of rounds.
Persistent BusinessIt is possible to open a business and run it via using the Business Management Utility. This is completely persistent.
Persistent ElectionsPresidential elections and candidacy is completely persistent unless registered on a non-canon round.


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