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Guide to Businesses

Greetings hopeful entrepreneur! Do you wish to get rich? Well, hopefully this will be the guide to capitalist enterprise you desire. Owning a business is complex, yet rewarding, this covers the general basics of what you should consider when raising a new profit empire.

Considerations Before Starting

  • Has my business idea been done before? Will I be struggling against a sea of competitors?
  • Is this the type of business that requires a lot, can I afford to rent or buy one?
  • Have the current politicians made my business idea illegal?
  • Will the profits I make from my current service be enough to cover expenses?
  • How will I promote this business?
  • Am I active enough to sustain it?

If you lack capital, consider taking out a loan from any existing bank business or working at a job to get more money.

Starting a Business

To register a new business you will need to get to a computer to use the Business Management Utility, there is a cyber cafe located in the library which you can use - alternatively you can use your communicator “NT apps” feature to access it. A business costs 3,500 credits to create and you can only make one per character.

Terms and Conditions

ICly, there are terms of conditions for running a business, if your character breaches this they might be prosecuted or have their business revoked.

All businesses must remain in accordance with Polluxian law. If a business is found to be participating in illegal activity it will be suspended pending investigation. The Polluxian Government & NanoTrasen reserves the right to request an audit at any given time. Failure to comply with auditing procedures may result in the termination of your company.


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