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Welcome, Citizen!

The Polluxian Government welcomes you to new opportunities on Pollux; it's like Earth, only better! Please leave your bags and disruptive revolutionary thoughts at the door and enter Geminus City, a medium-sized, central metropolis where NanoTrasen has full dominion over everything; businesses, homes, healthcare, and even civilians can be owned by the company.

The SS13 World Server is a unique heavy roleplay server based on life in a chaotic city. We've got antagonistic gang factions, presidential elections, political conspiracy, and class warfare as part of our plot. We balance weaving political storytelling and roleplay with action and drama.

A city allows you to be any character you want to be instead of being confined to “realistically employed employees” but even with that said, we still have some pesky Roleplay Standards for reference — though you'll find that they're fairly reasonable.

Guide to Food
Guide to Drinks
Guide to Chemistry
Guide to Surgery
Guide to Robotics
Guide to Mining
Guide to Policing


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