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Judd Thaw's liberal ban appeal - Judd_Thaw - 05-03-2020

Ckey: MarcusKlein

Character name: Judd Thaw

Round ID & Date/Time: 5/4/2020

Banning admin: Mctash

Ban type: Server ban

Ban length: one week

Ban reason: Broke out of jail, took guns from the armory, went around tasing multiple people, and had a last stand which resulted in multiple people being injured

Right, let me start of by saying that I am sorry that my actions resulted in rulebreaks. Under the definitions of the rules, I was certainly whiteshirting and breaking rules by going into the armory and taking energy guns and taser carbines, and driving around and shooting taser shots at people.

But, and theres a big but:

The reasons above aren't entirely accurate. I did fire taser shots at people yes, not many of them actually hit anyone, and the multiple people being injured was a case of friendly fire during the last stand when the militia came to end my life and stop my reign of chaos. Once again, I understand my actions were extremely chaotic and in normal pop would have disrupted a lot of ERP *cough* I mean RP on the server, however the server population was only 12 at the time, and when I got out of jail I saw an opportunity to make things interesting and excitd for other players on the server.

I drove around, I had all access and taser guns sure. I fired them at people and instigated fights, and after awhile when I realised it was probably getting boring trying to chase me when i constantly drove around in a car, I beckoned them all to have a last stand and end me when I went near the escape shuttle entrance and guess what they did? they all got guns, formed a milita and hunted my ass down like the sociociding dog I was and ended my characters life once for all.

Now objectively you can look at that as whiteshirting, self-antagging, whatever. But I once heard from a very smart server owner and in her own words she said "Anything is fine as long it's fun for all the players involved", where did I hear this you ask? From Cassy Jenelle, the server owner. In the context of the situation it was in reference to murdering people.

During this, lets call it an event, during this event I believe most if not all the people involved who chased me down and geared up against me had fun and found it interesting, and I politely ask those people to come into this thread and say they had fun because despite this rule breakage, I personally believe that not just world server but EVERY RP server should prioritise fun for the majority/all of the players rather than prioritise the rules to the letter. They dealt with me the way they should have, but I don't think I deserved a ban for the following reasons:

1. I only used taser shots. I occasionally fired a singular .38 round at people but it was never enough to warrant death or lethal/permanent damage.

2. I did this in mind and for the purpose of trying to make everything fun for the players. I could have fired lethal shots from the energy guns to kill people, but I only fired taser shots for the sole purpose that I wanted them to have fun, and I believed killing people off wasn't going to allow anyone to have fun and it would just make them salty instead. Whereas i was completely fine with them killing me for the chaos I caused

3. Same reason as above except, lets be honest, we're having a drought in players, theres not a lot of action on the server thats making people hyped or invested/interested in the things currently happening. I feel like my actions such as the chaos at the presidential inaugaration and the breakout provided a lot of enjoyment and excitement for the players that hunted me down and stopped my terroristic acts.

So in conclusion, whilst I know I technically broke rules I don't think I deserve a ban on the principle that I did all these actions to cause fun and excitement for the players that where on the server, and bear in mind that I actually succeeded in this. An admin may have been called but I know the people that wanted them called purposely chased me down with guns with the milita they formed, and killed me. I'll find it hard to believe that they didnt have fun doing that, because majority of the people I spoke to involved in stopping me had a lot of fun doing so.

so IMO, fun should be the priority, not the rules. If someone does something that goes against the rules, but no ones gameplay got fucked up and they had fun? Shouldn't warrant a ban. Not at all.

Thank you for reading.

RE: Judd Thaw's liberal ban appeal - McTash - 05-05-2020

I wasn't on the server when the jailbreak and taser shots at random bystanders happened. Only the final stand ending in a few injured and your character dead.

I got on the server when I received a DM asking me to come online because of what you were doing. When I finally got on I received more than one complaint about your actions.

I do not believe that all involved had as much fun as you think they did. The ban is only for a week. Im just going to have you wait it out.