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Guide to Canon

World Server has two round types: Canon and Non-Canon.

The only types of rounds that are canon are extended rounds, and faction rounds. During these rounds your character appearance, money, and sector fund bank accounts will be saved. To check the current status of a canon round, check the status tab of the game window. Characters are saved at round end or when they cryo. If the round crashes or is terminated before this happens, you will lose data. Inform an admin if this happens.

Character Death Character death is not canon unless the player/owner of the character specifically allows it. If a character dies during a canon round, please enquire with the player if this is a canonical change before including it in any further RP. You may imply a character is injured instead of dead if it's crucial to a plot or crime.
Money Persistence Your money is saved along with your character, this is visible from the character's creation panel. This cannot be edited in the panel. Before the round end make sure your money is deposited in the ATM or you will lose it. Transaction logs are wiped at round end.
Character Appearance Once you have set your character's appearance, you cannot change it again. The only editable things once a character has been saved is your character's nickname, spawn locations, traits, loadout and undergarments.


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